myIT – Your Personal IT Consultant

Ever feel like you are on a merry-go-round when it comes to PC Repair & IT Consulting?  You call the IT consultant or bring your family PC in for repair, you pay hundreds of dollars, couple of months later you are back again.  This has been the traditional model for IT Consulting and PC repair.  We want to do something different!

Based upon our desire to be your Affordable Local Tech and being our mission is to provide you with Economical & Ethical PC Repair & IT Consulting service, we are introducing myIT – your personal IT consultant for Businesses, Nonprofits, and Home!

Our myIT program offers you CyberSecurity, Disaster/Backup Recovery, Training, IT Consultation services at a low monthly cost.  Traditionally these types of services have only been offered to large organizations (and rarely offered to Home users) due to costs that reach into the thousands.  We are now proud to offer these services at an affordable monthly fee.

Ready to sign up! Please call our shop at 541-275-1055 or email and let us know your interest.  We have limited spaces for our myIT program.

myIT Business & Nonprofits – Managed Services

“Good morning Shawn! We are so busy here and look forward to you helping us improve our operation” says the IT coordinator. “Glad to help. Let’s start with looking into your cyber security protection. Can we see if your anti-virus software is up to date with the latest definitions?” “Well, OK, but we have 50 PCs so we’ll have to go to each PC to find out.” “The good news is with our Managed Services we will be able to monitor this on one dashboard with a click of a button. And even better, receive email/text notifications of virus attacks, virus definitions out of date, and more.”

Managed Services has two meanings: We become Your IT department and our goal is to support you in your mission. We have monitoring tools to efficiently Manage your infrastructure. This means we know proactively (instantly) if the antivirus software is operating properly, rather than walking around your facility every 6 months (never happens) to figure it out. We offer the following services to our Managed Services client which we monitor round the clock:

  • Managed AntiVirus which alerts us to virus activity, definition and outdated softwareversions, and more.
  •  Uptime Sensors – Monitoring critical network systems (for example internet, IP phones, and servers) andnotifications to our staff if they go offline.
  • Managed Backups – We offer onsite AND offsite backups using industry standard products with alerts onsuccess and failure. AND we test the backups once a month and give you a full report.
  • Managed Updates and Patches – We offer Microsoft Windows and third-party updates for Desktop PCs andServers which keep your systems secure, up to date and alert us when issues arise.
  • Managed Intrusion Detection – We offer intrusion detection services which monitors your network for suspicious activity. We are alerted if anomalies are detected and initiate a threat incident response.We provide detailed reporting to our Managed Service clients so you can be sure we are providingproactive protection.
  • Training – We offer weekly technical updates and monthly training webinars for your staff.
  • IT Consultation – We are your IT consultants and can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars!

myIT Home – Affordable Home protection and PC Repair

We are proud to offer Home users Cybersecurity protection, Disaster Recovery/Backups, and PC repair for a low monthly cost.  Why is this revolutionary?  Traditionally the PC Repair model has been you bring your PC into a repair shop, they charge you several hundred dollars, you bring your PC home and shortly after you have problems again.  At some point, folks resign themselves to the fact that IT support is too expensive and they do without. Get off this roller coaster and get onto myIT – Home.

So, you pay a monthly fee (1 year minimum) and we provide you CyberSecurity protection with our Managed services, and if something goes wrong, you bring your PC into our shop and no additional PC repair fee.  You will have to pay for hardware (broke screen, hard drive replacement, etc). but the time for repair itself is free.  You get a PC that is working all the time and the well being of knowing exactly how much you are going to pay to each year.  No more spin the wheel of fees and pay whatever comes up!

  • Cyber Security Package – $20.00 per month for 1 PC.  $10.00 additional per PC.
    • Managed Antivirus – We install top notch antivirus and monitor to make sure you are being protected.
    • Managed Updates/Patches – We install Updates/Patch Management software to ensure your PC is up to date
  • Backups (low cost addon) – Free consultation to determine if our Managed backup solution is a good fit for you.
  •  Managed Backups – We install backup software and make sure your critical data is backed up.
  • Disaster Recovery – In case of a disaster, we will assist you in retrieving your data

Awesome!  You’ve decided to take advantage of our Affordable myIT program for your Business, Nonprofit, or Home.  What next?  We will work with you to quickly on board your system(s) into our myIT Managed Services.

General process:

  1. We will work with you to gain access to your PC’s either via remote software, drop off at our shop, or onsite.
  2. We run maintenance/antivirus software to make sure all of your systems start of secure.
  3. We install our Managed Antivirus and Patch Management software which protects you from Cyber attacks, as well as gives us alerts if there is an issue.  Your privacy is safe though.  We cannot see what you are doing.
  4. We configure a Administrator account (and share the password with you of course) and switch you to running only as a Standard user.  This is how all Corporate offices work and greatly limits the ability for viruses to slip through.

We then “monitor” the antivirus software and patch management software via a control panel and real time alerts.  If we see something unusual, we call you and work with you to get it resolved – free of charge as that is part of the services we provide.  We do our best to protect you, but we cannot make you 100% secure.  If something slips through our defenses, we will get it repaired for you at no additional charge to you.  We will even repair your hardware issues at no hourly cost and only bill you for the exact cost of the hardware (no markup).

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Roseburg, OR 97470